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Tour on the roofs of St. Petersburg is a walk accompanied by a guide on several houses in the city center with a view of the main sights. You do not have to go down - our routes are lined up along several interconnected roofs.
1 hour
duration tours
up to 8 people
in group
200 meters
extent route
from 10 years
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What tours we have

from 790₽
1 hour
daily 8 times a day
Group tour of the roofs of St. Petersburg
A group rooftop tour in St. Petersburg takes place in the heart of the city, just near the Nevsky Prospect. The route of the walk is unique - at the same time you will see all the main sights: St. Isaac's, Kazan, Vladimirsky Cathedrals, the Admiralty, the Savior on the Blood and the Peter and Paul Fortress.
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from 4 900₽
1 hour
daily 8 times a day
Individual excursion of the roofs of St. Petersburg
Individual tour of the roofs of St. Petersburg - a walk with a guide only for you and your company. You can use the allotted time at your discretion: walk and admire exceptional views of the city or arrange an unforgettable date at the height of bird flight.
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Group excursions
per person
per person
Individual excursions
Below is the total cost of the walk for the whole group, not for one person.
from 1 to 4 persons
4 900₽
from 5 to 8 persons
6 300₽
Photosession (от 2 500₽)
from 1 to 4 persons
5 400₽
from 5 to 8 persons
6 900₽
Photosession (от 2 800₽)

How are the tours held?

We conduct safety briefing

Before the start of the tour, your guide conducts a safety briefing. All our spots are legal and safe – the route is equipped with special tracks and fences.

Get up on the system of roofs

The walk lasts an hour and goes through a whole system of roofs – without going downstairs, you will walk along a 200-meter-long route. We conduct tours only on the houses where we have official arrangements with tenants.

We tell unique stories about St.Petersburg

You will hear unique stories about Petersburg from the experienced guide and see key dominants: Kazan, St. Isaac's and St. Vladimir's Cathedrals, Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, Anichkov Bridge and Peter and Paul Fortress.

We go to the start of the route

After the walk the guide will lead you downstairs – the route ends right where it starts, so you will go down the same safe way.

Excursion schedule

We advise you to choose morning or afternoon time. In the first half of the day, the weather is optimal for a walk at a height — thanks to the sunlight, the most beautiful view of Petersburg opens.
daily 8 times a day:

Book an excursion

you don’t have to pay online
We form groups of up to eight people, so if you come to us with a large staff, we will divide your company — an excursion for each will begin with a difference of ten minutes. For example, the first eight people will go at 10:30, the next at 10:40, and so on. Each group will have a separate guide.
Discounts for large companies
from 10 people
from 20 people
from 30 people

Excursions in   English

You can safely come with foreign friends — our guides conduct full tours in English. Such walks are a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the cultural capital and to make memorable photos.

We conduct excursions in English in an individual format — together with your company there will be no other participants.


Why excursions inroof?

We show the view from several houses

You do not just look at the city from a height, but go through the so-called system of roofs connected together. You will not need to go down, and you will see all the key sights.

We organize small groups

We care about the comfort and form of small groups of up to eight people. So everyone will get a safe space for movement and hear all the stories from the guide.

We conduct a complete tour

The guides in our company are professionals with more than ten years of experience. Each of them knows a lot of fascinating stories and little-known facts about the city.

We conduct tours even during the rain — our spots are equipped with fences, special tracks and non-slip roofing, so they are safe in case of any weather

We even make excursions even in   rain   - our outlets are equipped with fences, special walkways and   non-slip roofing, so they are safe in   any weather.

What sights can be seen?

A walk passes through one of the pre-revolutionary buildings in the heart of St. Petersburg. From the top you will see the key St. Petersburg dominants.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Saint Isaac's Cathedral

A cathedral with an amazing history – it changed its location three times, met all the emperors of Russia and survived world wars. From the roofs you will see a gilded dome and the upper colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral.


The birth of the Russian fleet, the development of shipbuilding and the sea power of Russia are connected with the Admiralty. In 1719, a weather vane appeared on the building’s spire — a ship — one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.

Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral is famous for its monumental columns - 152 in total. Initially the architect designed two colonnades, so it is still a mystery, why they built only one.

Savior on Spilled Blood
Savior on Spilled Blood

The temple is known for being built on the spot of the death of Emperor Alexander II, and also by for the legends about it – extraordinary resilience from demolitions and shells, the magic of numbers and even some prophecies.

Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress

Here, on Island Zayachy, the history of St. Petersburg began. The day when the fortress was built is considered the birthday of the city. Peter the Great himself is buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in the fortress.