Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails is the most ambitious and anticipated show of the year. We invite you to watch the Scarlet sails from the roof, which will open a view of the entire water area of the Neva. You will see a pyrotechnic show, a regatta, and a firework - this night will remain in your memory for a long time.

Scarlet sails with inroof - better than from the ground

We do not conduct tours on Scarlet Sails, but we offer to enjoy the event from the roof of St. Petersburg, and we believe it is the best alternative.

Comfort and safety

The event attracts thousands of citizens, and the embankments are usually crowded with people. In our area there will be only 15 people - you can comfortably watch the spectacle.

View of the water area of the Neva

By tradition, the holiday for graduates ends with the course of a sailboat on the Neva on the background of a grandiose firework. From the roof of the house on the Neva embankment you will see the whole show and truly experience its scale.

Special atmosphere

Roofs and Scarlet Sails have a special kind of energy - the romance of St. Petersburg, emotions, the uniqueness of the moment. You can connect the two experiences and feel the holiday atmosphere in full.

How is it held?

Step 1

A month before the event, we will open the reservations and you will be able to apply on the site. We work on a basis of 50% prepayment – after the registration of the application, we will send you the details. After payment we confirm the reservation and give you the address of the place.

Step 2

At the appointed time you will be met by the coordinator, who will lead you to the viewing point, tell about the event and show where the regatta and firerwork will be seen. The roof is equipped with a canopy, so rain will not interfere with viewing.

Step 3

We do not conduct tours during the visit, but the event lasts an entire hour – you will have time to make memorable pictures with the picturesque background of the city. The coordinator will accompany you during the whole show and lead you downstairs.


Tickets are booked by prepayment one month before the event. At the time booking is not available, stay tuned to the site.

Watch fireworks from the roof
at the Manege Square

If you want to see only the fireworks, we can offer you an another spot. There will also be no more than 15 people, a canopy from the rain, comfortable chairs and blankets. The coordinator will accompany you and stay until the end of the show.

Direct view
of the Peter and Paul Fortress

Traditionally fireworks are launched from the banks of the Neva near Peter and Paul Fortress, and the lights light up the water. On our spot, a direct perspective opens up on the Peter and Paul Fortress – nothing will close the view of the salute and prevent you from enjoying its scale.

Opportunities of photo with fireworks

The firework usually lasts 20 minutes, but you will have an entire hour on the spot. You will be able to make beautiful photos with St.Petersburg and June sky on the background and enjoy the night city from the height.


Tickets are booked by prepayment one month before the event. At the time booking is not available, stay tuned to the site.

Why Scarlet Sails with inroof?


During the holiday thousands of people gather on the Palace Square and the embankment, and on our terrace with a capacity of up to 15 people you will be comfortable. On the roof there is a canopy and chairs, and in case of cool weather we have prepared warm blankets.


As an observation point, we chose a flat terrace with a safe entrance, covered with non-slip material and equipped with bumps. Downstairs you will meet the coordinator who will lead you to the roof, tell instructions about safety and accompany you until the end of the event to lead you downstairs.


We are not affiliated with roofers – access to the roof is legal and approved by the tenants. You can safely enjoy the show and not be afraid that you will be disturbed. We have made sure that you will have only pleasant memories.


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