Scarlet Sails

4 900 ₽

Roof is the best place observing of the graduate celebration


Why do you need to watch this performance from the roof?

the best view

The roof where we organize this event is located on the quay and that’s why it is the best place to watch this show.

low price

Usually our competitors raise price this day, but for us it is inappropriately. Just for 2000 roubles you have opportunity to watch Scarlet sails from the roof.


Our experienced man will accompany you. He will instruct you how to behave on the roof and also tell you about safety rules. Roofs have good angle of slope that gives a possibility to quietly move.



How many people?

We gather small group of people, so everyone could feel comfortable.

Conventionally Scarlet Sails attract huge amount of locals that make staying on the ground this night not very safe and comfortable. On the roofs it is on the contrary.

What will be seen on the photo?

The roof is located in the central quay of Saint P..

You could watch the course of regatta and also the fireworks.

When and at what time?

In 2015 Scarlet Sails will take place at night from 20th to 21st June.

Meeting will be at 00:20, performance itself will start at 00:40 and will last for one hour.

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