Corporate party

We hold corporate parties on the roof — we organize events for companies in St.Petersburg. An equipped observation point, buffet and photoshoot are waiting for you.

from 3 900 ₽

Corporate party with inroof — more interesting than in an office

If you are looking for an unusual place where you can hold a corporate party, we suggest you to have a party on the roof. We will prepare everything you need before your arrival: install the furniture, set the table with food and drinks,
decorate the spot.

We have signed all the agreements with the owners of property — rent our site is legal. You can spend time in the company of colleagues without any worries — the neighbors or the police will not interfere with your holiday.


Parties are held on a flat terrace, which is covered with non-slip material and equipped with sides and fences. The entrance to the area is clean and safe.

Very beautiful

The terrace offers a panoramic view of all the key sights of the city: St. Isaac, Kazan and Vladimir cathedrals, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Savior on the Blood.

How the date is held?

1 step

You leave a request — fill the feedback form on the site. The operator contacts you — tells how much the event costs, what additional services can be ordered, clarifies the details of your party.

2 step

You rent a roof — the price includes furniture, crockery, music. Additionally, you can order drinks and dishes from the restaurant or our menu, photoshoot, decoration with balloons.

3 step

Coordinator takes you to the place and talks about safety. You spend an hour in the company of colleagues. If time is not enough, you can extend the rent — we give a 50% discount for the next hour. We do not provide an entertainment program.

4 step

Coordinator accompanies you down. If you want to visit our group or individual tours or organize a birthday party, the coordinator will answer all questions.

Book a party

You can design your perfect party.
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What is included in the basic version?
  • Safe comfortable area with evening illumination
  • Tables, chairs, benches
  • Dishes
  • Blankets
  • Musical accompaniment

Цена за один час в зависимости от количества человек
2 человека
3 900 ₽
3 — 7 человек
7 900 ₽
8 — 11 человек
11 900 ₽
12 — 15 человек
14 900 ₽
Additional features
1 900 ₽
2 900 ₽
490 ₽
1 900 ₽
1 900 ₽
Menu from the inroof team

Why the dates with inroof are the best in the city


We do not cooperate with the roofers and we hold events on the legal spot — we have signed all agreements with the owners of the house.


Corporate parties are traditionally held in an office or restaurant, but you can organize an unusual event and celebrate an important company event on the roof.

Everything you need

We undertake the organization of the holiday and provide everything you need — furniture, food and drinks, music, balloons and a professional photographer.

What sights can be seen?

A walk passes through one of the pre-revolutionary buildings in the heart of St. Petersburg. From the top you will see the key St. Petersburg dominants.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Saint Isaac's Cathedral

A cathedral with an amazing history – it changed its location three times, met all the emperors of Russia and survived world wars. From the roofs you will see a gilded dome and the upper colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral is famous for its monumental columns - 152 in total. Initially the architect designed two colonnades, so it is still a mystery, why they built only one.

Anichkov Bridge
Anichkov Bridge

According to statistics Anichkov Bridge is the most visited bridge in St. Petersburg, tens of thousands of people pass through it every day. From the height you will see sculptures of young men with horses - statues that were supposed to stand in the place of the famous St. Petersburg Sphinxes.

Savior on Spilled Blood
Savior on Spilled Blood

The temple is known for being built on the spot of the death of Emperor Alexander II, and also by for the legends about it – extraordinary resilience from demolitions and shells, the magic of numbers and even some prophecies.

Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress

Here, on Ostrov Zayachy, the history of St. Petersburg began. The day when the fortress was built is considered the birthday of the city. Peter the Great himself is buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in the fortress.


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Были на экскурсии inroof прзавчера (19.04.2018) и остались очень довольны! Город Петербург безумно красив, а экскурсовод красив в своих рассказах
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Give a certificate for a date as a gift

If your company has an important event, you can give your colleagues or manager a certificate for organizing a corporate party on the roof. Enter your data and data of the recipient, make an advance payment. We will contact you to clarify the details of the party and tell you about the place. After you give the full amount, we will send the certificate electronically. All certificates are valid one month from the date you specify. If the certificate was not used by your fault, the prepayment is not refundable.


from 3 900 ₽