Birthday party

We organize holidays on the terrace – we offer to enjoy the views of St. Petersburg and celebrate an unusual birthday on the roof.

3 900 ₽

Birthday on the roof with inroof — better than in a restaurant


We hold activities on the equipped observation platform, which is fenced with bumpers. The entrance is clean and safe, the terrace is covered with a special non-slip material — all guests of the holiday will be able to accommodate safely and comfortably.


From the height there is a panoramic view of St. Petersburg — you will see all the main sights of the city and will be able to take festive photos.


If you live in St.Petersburg and you want to celebrate an inexpensive but unusual Birthday on the roof — we will organize your party. You can order food, drinks, decoration with balloons, a professional photographer — everything will be ready by your arrival.

How is it held?

1 step

In order to rent a roof to organize a birthday, fill in the form on the site. The administrator will call you back and tell you how much the service costs and specify the details of the party.

2 step

You will find everything you need on a specially prepared roof: furniture, dishes, a music system. Dinner for a birthday party, decoration of the spot and photography can be ordered separately.

3 step

The coordinator will meet you, accompany you to the spot and tell about safety. You will spend an hour with friends. If you want to extend the rent — we give a 50% discount for each subsequent hour, while it does not matter whether there will be two guests or fifteen people.

4 step

The coordinator accompanies you downstairs. If you want to attend other inroof events, for example, to go on tour or rent a roof for a cheap price, the coordinator will tell you about prices and conditions.

Book a party

You can design your perfect party.
What is included in the basic version?
  • Safe comfortable area with evening illumination
  • Tables, chairs, benches
  • Dishes
  • Blankets
  • Musical accompaniment

Price per hour depends on the number of people
2 people
3 900 ₽
3 — 7 people
7 900 ₽
8 — 11 people
11 900 ₽
12 — 15 people
14 900 ₽
Additional features
2 500 ₽
2 900 ₽
490 ₽
1 900 ₽
1 900 ₽
Menu from the inroof team
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Why the dates with inroof are the best in the city

Only your company

We hold events on a separate spot — other guests will not interfere you celebrating a birthday. In addition, we have an agreement with the owners of the house — the evening will not be spoiled by the intervention of neighbors.

Everything you need

We provide everything you need for a party: furniture, music, dinner and the services of a professional photographer. The guest of honor can safely enjoy the party without thinking about the organization.

Beautiful view

The roof of the house offers a panoramic view of St. Petersburg and its main sights: the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Kazan and St. Isaac’s Cathedrals

What sights can be seen?

A walk passes through one of the pre-revolutionary buildings in the heart of St. Petersburg. From the top you will see the key St. Petersburg dominants.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Saint Isaac's Cathedral

A cathedral with an amazing history – it changed its location three times, met all the emperors of Russia and survived world wars. From the roofs you will see a gilded dome and the upper colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral.


The birth of the Russian fleet, the development of shipbuilding and the sea power of Russia are connected with the Admiralty. In 1719, a weather vane appeared on the building’s spire — a ship — one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.

Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral is famous for its monumental columns - 152 in total. Initially the architect designed two colonnades, so it is still a mystery, why they built only one.

Savior on Spilled Blood
Savior on Spilled Blood

The temple is known for being built on the spot of the death of Emperor Alexander II, and also by for the legends about it – extraordinary resilience from demolitions and shells, the magic of numbers and even some prophecies.

Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress

Here, on Island Zayachy, the history of St. Petersburg began. The day when the fortress was built is considered the birthday of the city. Peter the Great himself is buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in the fortress.

Give a certificate

If your friends want to celebrate their birthday in unusual way on the roof of the St.Petersburg building, the birthday certificate will be the best present! It's not expensive at all, the certificate prices depend on the amount of people. Just input your and your friend's data and put a money deposit. We will call you back to go over the details of the birthday. After the full payment we will send you the certificate in electronic form. All the certificates are valid for 1 month from the mentioned date. If your plans changed and you haven't used the certificate, the deposit will not be returned.


from 3 900 ₽