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We conduct tours, dates, parties and photoshoots on the roofs of St. Petersburg



We organize activities on the roofs since 2013. We show the city as we know it, we, the native Petersburgers.
We want the roofs to become an obligatory point in the tourist route - like the Hermitage.

6 years

in event organization

23 guides

conduct tours every day

12 678 tours

were held

Only from the height you can feel the real elegant atmosphere of St. Petersburg. We have created the most comfortable and safe environment at all our spots and terraces, so that nothing would distract visitors from the view.
Andrey Veselov
founder of inroof

Roofs with inroof - like the Hermitage


We conduct tours officially and legally. Your day will not be spoilt by the intervention of the police or disputes with tenants. Enjoy historical views of St. Petersburg from the height as well as exhibitions in the Hermitage.


Our spots and terraces are equipped with special tracks and handrails, so it is absolutely safe. Before the tours we will be sure to instruct you on safety.

Impossible not to visit

Petersburg's roofs are the same symbol of the city as the Hermitage. St.Petersburg from the height opens in a new way – you will enjoy a beautiful view and save these impressions for a long time.

Roofs with inroof – like Pyshechnayas


We conduct tours on the roofs since 2006. You will visit a so-called system of roofs, walk a 200-meter route and hear unique stories about St.Petersburg from our experienced guides.


We love roofs of St.Petersburg for the history: three centuries ago Peter the Great ordered to build houses of the same height, and today an even line of roofs has become a symbol of the city, like St. Petersburg's Pyshechnayas.


We maintain the prices since 2013, thus improving the security of the roofs, the quality of spots and excursions. Just as St. Petersburg's Pyshechnayas, we are known for experience and accessibility.

Tours on the roofs

Our city is famous for architecture and canals, but to know the real Petersburg, you need to look at it not only from the ground, but also from the water and from the height – only in this way you will feel the exact atmosphere that St. Petersburg is famous for.

Group tours

Professional guide will conduct a full tour on the route of about 200 meters along the so-called roof system - you do not need to go down between the roofs. You will see all the key dominants of St. Petersburg, including Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac's Cathedral, Spas-on-the-Blood and Peter and Paul Fortress.

600 rubles per person
1 hour

Individual tours

If you want to come with a group of friends, we can offer an individual excursion. Such a walk follows the same route as the group walk, and is accompanied by a professional guide – the only difference is that it is only you and your friends there.

from 3 800 rubles per group
1 hour

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Our guides

The most experienced guide
Andrey Kukharev
Conducted 743 excursions
The most bearded guide
Anton Kramchaninov
Conducted 319 excursions
The most attentive guide
Yuri Petrov
Conducted 504 excursions

Scarlet Sails 

from above

«Scarlet Sails» — an unforgettable spectacle, feeling the atmosphere and scale of which is only possible from the height

From the viewing point you can see the whole water area of the Neva, so you will see both the regatta and the firework. During the whole event, you will be accompanied by an experienced employee – he will provide safety briefings and answer questions. The viewing of the event is held on a legal and well-equipped venue.

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You don't have to pay online

We do not just rent you a roof or a terrace, but fully accompany the event of any complexity – from a picnic to a wedding. We install furniture and decorations, provide service. If you want, you can rent an area and organize the whole event on your own. All holidays are held only on legal and safe roofs.

3 900 ₽
from 1 hour

The date on the roof in the center of the city is the best choice for romantic evening. You can rent the place and prepare everything you need by yourself, or just lean on us, and we will decorate the place, order dinner and music program. If you rent by yourself, our instructor will provide training and help you to climb up and go down the stairs.

3 900 ₽
от 1 часа

Gift certificate

Give your friends a certificate for a tour or an event with a view of St. Petersburg. They do not need to worry about anything - it's not renting a roof, but full-fledged support of any event by a professional team.

We ask you to make a prepayment, call to clarify details, and send an electronic certificate. All certificates are valid for a month from the date you specify.

Individual excursions

from 4 900Р

Group excursions

from 790Р


3 900 ₽