What can you organise?

Picnic For companies from 3 and more people we could organize cool picnic on the roof. Nobody disturbs you there.

Birthday Birthday? We sincerely congratulate you and offer to celebrate it on our roof. Invite your friends and buddies! It will be fun!

Wedding You have no idea where to celebrate your wedding? We can organize marriage registration, arranging perfect buffet table and to make wedding photo session on the roof. You and your wedding members will remember this day forever.

Hen night You want to celebrate one thematic holiday or just to sit on the roof? It is not problem for us, we specialize in such events and we easily organize party for you on the roof.

Corporate entertainment Your corporate team needs an unusual place for some celebrations? You want to ask for animators and arrange the buffet table? Roof is the best place for such events. We could accommodate up to 100 people.




Yes, we have all the necessary: chairs, tables, tableware and so on.

The roof is equipped with music system and other technical stuff.



Prices start from 4400 roubles. It depends on the type of event that you would like to organize.

It is important for us to know the number of people, how to design the space on the roof, what kind of furniture and equipment you need. Call us and we well tell you all information.



You could pay by cash or you could make cashless payment.


Photo shoot
1 900 Our professional photographer will go up on the roof with you and make wonderful photos of your date. We strongly recommend you to choose this option because recollections will be not only in your memory.

Live music
1 900 Date on the roof to the accompaniment of the professional violinist is the real fairy tale. Feel yourself the character of romantic movie.

Balloon decoration
1 900 We could easily decorate the whole roof with a lot of balloons filled with helium to create more holiday atmosphere. Balloons could be of the different shape including the heart shape.

Food delivery
390 You could always ask us to cover a table with any dishes from your favorite restaurant. Sushi, pizza, Chinese cuisine, beverages – we deliver on the roof everything that you want.

Extra time
790 If one hour (that we give in frames of standard set) is not enough for you, then you could book 30 extra minutes (or more) to prolong your enjoyment on the roof.