What is the date on the roof?

Comfort The date takes place on the flat roof that gives opportunity not to worry about inconveniences concerning clothes and shoes. The roof is equipped with all the necessary furniture and with the special awning in the case of bad weather. Plaids, pillows and candles make the atmosphere very cosy.

Only you The roof is rent only for you. It means that nobody disturbs you. During the date you will be all the time with your sweetheart and with great city views.

All the necessary When you walk to the table, the bottle of champagne, fruit plate, sweets and hot tea are already waiting for you. If it is necessary we could comply with all your wishes concerning food and drinks.

Splendid view Being on the roof you will be very delighted with the view that will be laid out before you. You will have the great chance to see all the famous historical monuments of Saint P, such as Saint Isaac's Cathedral or Church of the Savior on Blood very clearly. Our dates take place only in the historical centre.

Photo shooting You could always book photo shooting to capture this moment for years to come. Besides there are a lot of extra options that are enumerated below.

Weather doesn’t matter All areas are provided with special tents and awnings. It allows enjoying romantic passtime in all weathers. Moreover rain could make your date more atmospherical and cosy. In addition we give you plaids so you will be sure not to freeze.




Standard costing: bottle of cold Italian champagne, fruit plate, box of candies and hot tea.



You need to contact us. It is very easy: you could do it through the page «Book» on our website, to send email or to call us.



You could pay by cash or you could make cashless payment.


Photo shoot
1 900 Our professional photographer will go up on the roof with you and make wonderful photos of your date. We strongly recommend you to choose this option because recollections will be not only in your memory.

Live music
1 900 Date on the roof to the accompaniment of the professional violinist is the real fairy tale. Feel yourself the character of romantic movie.

Balloon decoration
1 900 We could easily decorate the whole roof with a lot of balloons filled with helium to create more holiday atmosphere. Balloons could be of the different shape including the heart shape.

Food delivery
390 You could always ask us to cover a table with any dishes from your favorite restaurant. Sushi, pizza, Chinese cuisine, beverages – we deliver on the roof everything that you want.

Extra time
790 If one hour (that we give in frames of standard set) is not enough for you, then you could book 30 extra minutes (or more) to prolong your enjoyment on the roof.